My Reiki experience with Eret was quite an unusual and good experience. During the actual session I had a sense that I was in a different space within myself. I could feel myself relaxing and letting go-and I totally lost my sense of time.

Afterwards, I felt energised and positive-somehow ready for the world, but in a different way.

I will go back for more!

Brendan McQuillan

Eret’s massage work combines an excellent sense of rhythm, pacing, attentiveness and subtle touch which helps to still one’s overactive mind.


Tai Chi Teacher

The world needs the gentle, calming, healing skills of Eret Tigane. Now that Eret is taking the next steps on her journey, I wish her good luck and welcome abroad.

Joe Cooper
Psychic Medium and Reiki Master

Eret has given me massage a couple of times. She applied just enough pressure I needed and I felt so relaxed and tightness or stress were taken away. I would always ask her for massage and would recommend anyone who is looking for some really nice relaxation.

Kana Akimoto

I enjoyed very much the Massage and Reiki sessions I had with Eret. I found her work very clear, focused and caring.


Dolores Whelan
Reiki Teacher and Practitioner