About Me


I was born 1971 in Estonia. Coming from such a small country, I always had a desire to travel and discover the world. After leaving Estonia in the early 1990s, I travelled between different cities until my destiny brought me to Ireland in 2002 where I have lived since.

Eret TiganeSince my teenage years I’ve always wondered about the reasons for human existence and the purpose of life. I started my journey and studies on the spiritual path, and Ireland is the place where I have found answers for many of my questions. I have been blessed to meet wise teachers and masters on my journey, who have been kind and generous enough to share their wisdom with me.

Now I understand that life truly can be and is meant to be a wonderful experience and we all have been given endless possibilities. I believe that we are here to learn and to enjoy life. One of the most important “fine arts” in our lives is to gain balance between our Mind, Body and Spirit while going through everyday challenges.

Without balance we start losing out on our quality of life and we often start experiencing unpleasant symptoms – so-called illnesses. To keep the balance on the “right level”, many of us have to seek help through therapies to overcome challenges on our way.

For years I have had an interest in spirituality and healing and different possibilities and ways of healing. I had been searching for a long time for a suitable way of healing to help myself until I came across Reiki. Reiki, Flower remedies and a certain positive way of thinking (following the ideas of Dr Edward Bach, Louise l. Hay, Gregg Braden to mention just a few) have changed my life. I became trained as a massage therapist first and a few years later as a Reiki practitioner. I also use Australian Bush Flower Remedies – for which I have great passion – in my everyday life and practise.

My greatest wish is to help people: people who wish to help themselves and to improve the quality of their lives. I believe we are all connected and we all deserve the best life has to offer!